Chernger, your changer.

  • High-speed and high-precision inspection
  • Multiple carrier tapes inspection
  • Defect marking and recording functions
  • Summary graph
  • Machine operating authority management
  • Carrier Tape, IC packaging
Our customers:
  • 3M (carrier tape), 喬琪 (carrier tape)

Product specifications
  • High Speed: up to 24 meters/min
  • Multiple Carrier Tapes Inspection: up to 6 carrier tapes
  • Inspection Limitation: the width of carrier tpae: 8mm/ 12mm; colour: transparent/ black/ white
  • Camera: 2 million pixels industrial camera, 150 photos/sec
  • Accuracy: the resolution of camera with lens is 0.011mm
  • Defect Inspection Capability: for 6 types of carrier tapes (P2, F, E, P0, X0, and Y0). Data archiving by maximum, minimum, and average.
  • Record Classification: the data of each carrier tape are saved in order in separate files which are named by dates.
  • Photo Management: automatically generate files and create file name by date and time.
  • Instant Trend Graph: can display the last 1000 data (P2, E, F, P0) of each axis (single/ quad axis).
  • Operation Modes: A working mode (data only), B engineering mode (including live image), and C tuning mode
  • Real Time Display: show the number of photo and the tolerance value of data (E, F, P2) as the basis for dynamic tuning
  • Quality Control Level: 1 to 5 level have different tolerance and class interval
  • Inspection Modules: 10 inspection modules are available
  • Quality Control: record the number of each defect in 1 roll of carrier tape as the basis for quality control


Carrier Tape AOI Machine