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Service Procedures

  • Fill out our form at Contact Us/ Send us an email/ Contact us by phone
  • Provide the details of your product and requirements
  • Provide the inspection specifications/ quality specifications of your product, and the definition of defect

  • Provide samples with clear mark to indicate defects/ acceptable defects
  • Discuss the difficulties that might be encountered and feasibility of inspection

Static Certification
  • Static certification report
  • Verify the capability of inspection
*Report costs 5-10 days
*Service charge

Dynamic Certification
  • Dynamic certification report
  • Verify the capability of inspection under dynamic situation
*Report costs 5-10 days
*Service charge

  • According to certification report to formulate a inspection specification
  • Discuss the details relative to inspection 

  • Provide sufficient samples
  • Technique assistance and discussion

  • AOI equipment acceptance inspection