Chernger, your changer.

  • High-speed and high-precision inspection.
  • Machine automatic learning and recognition ability.
  • Defect marking and recording functions.
  • Graph of instant yield rate.
  • Machine operating authority management.
  • Roller Printing Industry, Rolled Label, Printed Circuit Board (PCB), Plastic Roller Printing, Rolled Steel
Our customers: 
  • 依田 (rolled label)

Product specifications
  • High Speed: 30m/min
  • Inspection Limitation: the width of roll: up tp 360mm
  • Diameter of roll: up to 450mm
  • High Resolution: 8K colour line scan camera and 16K mono line scan camera 
  • Machine Learning: equipped with AI automatic learning system to distinguish qualified and defective products
  • Defect Inspection Capability: over 0.12mm2 in colour/ over 0.06mm2 in black and white
  • Threshold: the lenth and width of defect can be set as thresholds (over the thresholds→NG)  
  • Marking: mark the location of defect (marker pen/ laser marking)
  • Operating authority: 3 levels include managerial level, engineer, and operator. Permissions are settable.
  • Real Time Display: the original and result photos are shown on the monitor at the same time
  • Automatic Recording: recording the number of defective products. Statistic and line chart are shown on the monitor.
  • Photos: photos of defective products can be saved.


Roll to Roll AOI Machine-Printed Circuit Board (PCB)