Chernger, your changer.

Features :
  • AI artificial intelligence detection technology can precisely pick up the contacts in the densely placed samples. The error rate is less than one in a million.。
Applied Industries
  • Picking, feeding, automatic discharge。
  • PoLinke International Co.,Ltd、Portwell, Inc.、品元。

  • The software connects the arm and the camera, and can capture images through a wide range of cameras, and determine the location to be picked up and placed
  • Robotic arm picks up objects
  • The robotic arm picks up material and puts it into the tray
  • Pneumatic arm moves full-loaded tray to rear storage hopper
  • And take out the empty tray from the rear and move it to the front workbench ready to use
  • Automatically pick up 10 feeding trays
  • Automatically place 60 stacking trays/boxes
  • AI learns the position of sample, selects precisely
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