Chernger, your changer.

Features :
  • Better than 99.9% inspection accuracy。
  • Miss detection rate of OK is less than 0.1%, overkilling rate of NG is less than 3%。
  • The training module takes about 3 months to train。
  • The system displays the entire disk surface on the corresponding NG/OK spots 。
Applicable Industries
  • CCD image detection inspection、CCD auto focus
  • Wire Identification
  • Metal casting circular hole detection
  • Ceramic outer diameter measurement
  • 優力、高力、明柱、全景、亞驪。

  • With IPC ,20"or above and keyboard and mouse。
  • PLC wiring。
  • XY TABLE control system and coresponding wiring。
  • Applicable of LOG records。
  • Different accounts for engineers and operators。
  • Obtain CCD images through SDK。
  • Speed of inspection: 1 pc/sec。
Videos for reference

Wire Identidication

Metal Parts Inner Wall Inspection