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01 Conveyor Belt Defect Inspection Machine

  • High speed and high precision production line inspection, defect elimination and record function, real-time curve measurement statistics, machine operation authority management.
  • Plastic bottles, Metal parts detection.
Our customers: 
  • CHORNG WEIN & CO., LTD (Plastic Appearance Defect Inspection).

Product specifications
  • High-speed inspection, detection capacity up to 1 pc/sec (2M).
  • AI deep learning identifies defects.
  • Adjustable inspection trajectory.
  • Inspection area: 2 m㎡ -200 m㎡.
  • Inspection camera: 2M-25M high-speed surface camera.
  • Inspection accuracy: Camera with resolution 0.001mm-0.05mm lens.
  • Measurement capacity: 2M 60 pictures/second or 5M 4 pictures/second.
  • Categories and records: The files are sorted according to the dates created.
  • NG photos: Automatically generate a directory folder and file names according to the date and time generated. Click on the NG thumbnails or block on the screen during the inspection to see the bigger version.
  • Real-time measurement trends can display the last 1000 data of each axis.
  • Operation mode: Operating mode (data display only), project mode (including real-time images), and tuning mode.


Conveyor Belt Defect Inspection Machine